Sharitude is a ‘Library of Things’ which is a space where people can come and borrow a wide variety of kitchen and garden tools and outdoor play equipment. We are currently building a robust inventory of things ranging from small kitchen appliances (such as stand mixer, dehydrators, pressure canners, popcorn makers, etc.) to kitchen gadgets (such as cake molds, cookie cutters, pasta makers, yogurt makers, etc.) to garden tools (such as broadforks, cultivators, hoes, seed spreaders, etc.) to board games, camping gear, and sports equipment. A Library of Things creates space for sharing items to make food from scratch, creating and maintaining home gardens, preserving foods from the garden and bringing families and communities together through play.


To build connected communities through sharing and borrowing things for making good food, gardening, carpentry and play.

 Meet Sharitude’s Founder

Cheyenne Joseph is a Mi’kmaq entrepreneur and Registered Nurse from Bear River First Nation, Nova Scotia and currently resides in Rexton, New Brunswick. She is a certified community health nurse and has spent her entire nursing career working for and with many communities. She currently teaches community health nursing at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of New Brunswick, in Moncton. 

Ms. Joseph’s work with communities has inspired her newest venture, a social enterprise. She is the funder of Sharitude, a Library of Things. This social enterprise gives community members of Kent County access to a wide variety of “things”, including small kitchen appliances, kitchen gadgets, garden tools, outdoor sports equipment and camping gear. Many of these items have high idle time, which means they spend more time not being used than being in use. Ms. Joseph feels that we should share our tools and equipment, rather than letting them take up idle space in our homes and garages.